Don't Take Our Word For It...

Read what our Program Directors and Coaches have to say ...


“Thank You! alphaBASKETBALL has truly transformed the Kindergarten-2nd grade clinic that I lead and has assisted our other age groups as well.”

 Recreation Supervisor from RI

“The videos the coaches received helped them prepare to teach new skills in an effective manner and taught them some great drills that made skill development fun!" 

Recreation Director in MA

“Our parents saw how much more organized the coaches were this season vs. last season, and commented that their children had a much better experience.”

 Recreation Supervisor from MA


"The plan is great…I was able to use many of the drills and games…Great program” 

1st/2nd Grade Coach from NJ

"The material has been fantastic; really well organized…I wish I had the same for baseball” 

3rd Grade Coach from MA

“Nice combination of video, worksheets, and tips…Definitely made it easier to prep”    

5th/6th Grade Coach from NH

“I think it is a great resource for coaches with and without experience. It is tough to keep the kids interested in practice throughout the whole season and having this resource is a huge help!” 

5th/6th Grade Coach from MA

“Clear, concise and easy to use. I was always prepared for practice…Great Tool”

 6th Grade Coach from MA

“It was especially good for someone starting out, understanding how to break down and teach skills” 

4th Grade Coach from MA

“I thought everything was a huge help… It made my preparation time way more productive” 

2nd/3rd Grade Coach from MA

 “Your weekly email gave an excellent way to structure fun and age appropriate drills”    

3rd/4th Grade Coach from NJ

“The program is great and makes things much easier for coaches” 

5th/6th Grade Coach from NJ

“…even someone who has never coached before and only played a little can come in and coach effectively” 

5th/6th Grade Coach – from CT

“Great program. Wish there was something similar for baseball” 

4th/5th Grade Coach from CT

 “…incredibly helpful as I could pick and choose developmentally appropriate material and concepts….It most definitely made my preparation time more productive”   

7th/8th Grade Coach from MA


“This makes it much easier to get all of the coaches on the same page.”     

2nd and 4th Grade Coach from MA

 “Helped make drills more productive than mundane.”     

3rd/4th Grade Coach from OH

“I have a lot of experience but was able to find and implement some useful drills and activities that I hadn’t tried before…alphaBASKETBALL added to my “repertoire””     

7th/8th Grade Coach from MA

 “One of the tougher aspects of coaching any sport in younger age groups is keeping the practice drills age/skill appropriate and be effective and fun at the same time. This program makes that prep time much easier.”     

7th-9th Grade Coach from CT

“It provides coaches many viable options to focus on skill development.  Your coaching materials are solid and designed to assist both coach and player.”     

3rd-4th Grade Coach from IL

“I liked how organized and realistic it is. Great for time management and allowing the idea that kids need instruction but not criticism or incessant critiquing.”     

1st Grade Coach from RI

“Good practice plan with competitive drills to maintain attention span”       

3rd/4th Grade Coach from NJ

“I like the idea that all coaches have the same tools”    

 3rd/4th and 5th/6th Grade Coach from MA

“Extremely helpful to refresh coaches on the proper techniques and be able to demonstrate and use appropriate verbiage with the kids.”    

1st and 4th Grade Coach from MA

“It gave me new ideas and more structure to the practice. The best thing is it forces you to sit down and watch a few drills. Helps prepare your thoughts and provides key buzz words for the kids to focus on.”  

4th Grade Coach from MA

“I liked the one-page format with links to more descriptive content.”  

K-1st Grade Coach from TX

“Was very useful so that parent/coaches could have a practice plan so every team could be exposed to all the fundamentals”  

2nd Grade Coach from MA

“Kept focus on skills…and made my preparation time more productive”     

7th-9th Grade Coach from CT

“It was valuable to have an outside perspective on how practices should be managed”     

3rd/4th and 7th/8th Grade Coach from NJ

“Good drills and practice plans – I am not new to the sport or coaching and I still found this very useful.”     

7th/8th Grade Coach from NJ

“It helps me especially at the 6th grade level as I have not coached at that grade before…It helps keep me focused which in turn keeps the players focused…instead of looking in a book or using the internet- it’s at my fingertips!”   

1st, 4th, 6th Grade Coach from MA

"Timely delivery, convenient email/ internet link format, enough material to suit all skills, team ability. Easily explained. Great additional information on whole practice/ game/ player and coach ideas.”   

4th Grade Coach from VA

"I thought it was great, I especially liked the game breaks that were put into the practice plans. My kids LOVE the cat/mouse concepts.” 

3rd Grade Coach from TX